Reflector Enhancer Epoxy Floor

Here is our latest Reflector Enhancer Epoxy Floor. We installed this  concrete flooring solution for a Restaurant in Bensalem, PA Bensalem. Bensalem is in Bucks County five minutes outside of Philadelphia, PA. Our client, their architect and their interior designer approached us with a request to make the restaurant floor that would be truly unique and fit with the overall theme. The restaurant, bar and banquet hall have more of an upscale feel and is right on the water in beautiful Bucks County. “The floor has to be durable, easy to maintain,  slip resistant and beautiful.” Our team at Concepts in Concrete put together quite a few samples of Metallic Epoxy Concrete floors, Reflector enhancer epoxy floors, Polished Concrete, concrete overlays and stained Concrete floors. There was no comparison however the reflector enhancer epoxy floor was the show stopper. Then we took it to the next level by creating a custom Reflector Enhancer Epoxy Floor concrete floor with a feel of water around the bar area and the 500 gallon fish tank.

Concepts in Concrete has been installing Reflector Enhancer epoxy floors in both commercial and residential applications for over 10 years. We probably  have the most experience in the Philadelphia area for installing Reflector Enhancer Epoxy Floors. We also installed an Epoxy Quartz floor with 6″ cove base in the kitchen. Epoxy Quartz floors offer a durable and sanitary alternative to the traditional 6″ x 6″ quarry tile. Epoxy Quartz floors are seamless so there in no grout to discolor and water tight so there is no gross black water underneath the tile. In fact, with the 6″ cove base all that needs to be done is to hose the floor down and squeegee the excess water to the drain. The Epoxy  cove protects the base of the walls.
Custom concrete floors and Reflector Enhancer Epoxy Floors offer endless design possibilities that allow the client to really customize a floor around their theme. No other flooring medium like ceramic tile, travertine, hardwood floors etc can offer the flexibility and durability like a concrete floor can. Watch for finished pictures in the near future.
Custom Epoxy Floor

Custom Epoxy Floor


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